Apply Fall Pre-Emergents

It is time to apply fall pre-emergents!

Summer has finally come to an end and it is time to get your yard geared up for fall weather. It is a perfect time, being in-between seasons, to apply fall pre-emergents. This will ensure your lawn is ready for the cold of winter and the sunny or rainy days of Spring. In order to get that happy and healthy lawn that you desire, pre-emergents are the best way to go.

apply fall pre-emergents

What even are Fall Pre-Emergents?

During the Winter, it is likely that you will see pestering weeds and unwanted plants pop up in your flower beds and lawn. Some typical Texas winter weeds include bluegrass, corn speedwell, dallisgrass, hairy bittercress, and henbit. These weeds generally will come out right after January and before the end of Spring.
Pre-emergents are here to help you get rid of those unwanted weeds. A pre-emergent is a herbicide. When the herbicide is placed onto your lawn before the weeds have a chance to get growing, it will prevent them before they are even able to start growing. You want to make sure that you apply the pre-emergent before the weeds come in, hince the name. It is easier to prevent the weeds rather than getting rid of them once they are already there. That is why we strongly suggest pre-emergents in the first place.
There are a few different types of pre-emergents. One type is liquid that you would apply with a sprayer. The other is a granular form that you would use a granular spreader for. The granular type looks much like dirt or really small pebbles.
If you go ahead and apply your fall pre-emergent, you will find it is much easier on both you and your lawn. This will then help you save your money and efforts later on in the Springtime. It is indeed helpful to apply pre-emergents in both the fall and the Spring, but the fall is especially important in case Spring arrives early.
apply fall pre-emergents

About Surflan 2XL

The pre-emergent that we sell at Lochte Feed is the Surflan 2XL. Surflan XL 2G herbicide is a pre-emergent that controls or suppresses 35 different broad-leaf weeds and 21 different annual grasses and is labeled to be used on more than 250 different shrubs, trees, bulbs, perennials, and turf. The active ingredients oryzalin (Surflan) and benefin (Balan) combine to give you superior pre-emergent control. Use Surflan XL 2G herbicide on labeled use sites before the weeds begin to germinate or immediately following cultivation for best results.

When to Apply Fall Pre-Emergent

Knowing when to apply fall pre-emergent is important. The best time is between the month of Aug.-Nov. The temp. of your soil needs to remain under 75 degrees or lower in both the Fall and Spring. You may use a soil thermometer to check. If it is around 82 degrees or higher, your lawn will not take in the pre-emergent as well, leading to an improper use and more unwanted weeds. While fall pre-emergent is important, make sure you still apply it in the Spring anywhere from February to March and before it gets too hot.

How to Apply Fall Pre-Emergents

As mentioned above, pre-emergent herbicides come in two forms. Check out the following information from the DoMyOwn staff. Get the full version here. 

How to Apply Liquid Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Liquid pre-emergent herbicides are applied with a sprayer, either a hand pump sprayer or backpack sprayer. To use a liquid pre-emergent:

1. Select the pre-emergent herbicide that is compatible with your grass and the weeds you want to control.

2. Select your choice of sprayer, either a hand pump or backpack sprayer.

3. Read the label of your fall pre-emergent herbicide and add the indicated amount of water and herbicide to your sprayer. Be sure to wear long sleeves, protective goggles, and gloves when mixing and spraying chemicals.

4. Add in a spray indicator dye to your herbicide-water mixture. This dye will temporarily color your grass once it has been sprayed, helping you keep track of what grass has and has not been sprayed during the application process.

5. Shake your water-herbicide-dye mixture thoroughly.

6. Then, you would walk the area of your lawn while spraying your herbicide. Watch the video below for a demonstration of a pre-emergent application.

How to Apply Granular Herbicides

Granular pre-emergents are applied with a broadcast push spreader or portable hand spreader. To apply granular pre-emergents:

1. Fill your push spreader or hand spreader with the granular pre-emergent herbicide that will work best for your grass type and the weeds you are trying to control.

2. If using a broadcast push spreader, set the spreader to the setting recommended on the label of the granular herbicide. Then, place the spreader on the grass, directly next to your sidewalk or driveway.

3. Place your spreader guard down so that the granules will only broadcast into your lawn and not your sidewalk or driveway. Walk the length of your sidewalk or driveway.

4. Once you have finished walking the length of your sidewalk or driveway, position your spreader a few feet away from the first “row” where you walked. Open the spreader guard so that the granules will now be broadcast from both sides of the spreader.

5. Walk the length of your lawn. Make sure your granules reach the tire marks from your first application row.

6. Continue walking back and forth across your lawn in rows to cover your entire lawn in granules.

7. If using a portable hand spreader, walk the length of your lawn while turning the wheel of your spreader. Walk in rows back and forth, ensuring the granule is distributed evenly across your entire lawn.