Animal Health Products

At Lochte Feed & General Store we are in the business of keeping your pets and livestock healthy.  We stock a full line of animal health products such as Bayer, Durvet, Hi-Yield, Elanco, Manna Pro, Zoetis and more. You’ll find fly control products, dewormers, immunizations, and antibiotics in a variety of brands in our store. 

Lochte Feed & General Store is your home for animal health products. If we don’t have it, we are happy to special order for you. Let us know what you need.


Cydectin Cattle Pour-On Dewormer
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Horse Health Ivermectin
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Ivomec Pour ON Eprinex
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Safe-Guard Dewormer Suspension for Beef, Dairy Cattle and Goats
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Valbazen (Albendazole) Broad-Spectrum Dewormer
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CapShield Maxx Flavored Tabs – Canine
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June 2023
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