CapShield Maxx Flavored Tabs – Canine

CapShield Maxx in all sizesCapShield Maxx available in all sizes at Lochte!

  • It is available in a scored, beef flavored tablet
  • Now in an additional size for Dogs 91-132 lbs. for Extra Large Dogs
  • Scored Tablets allow for more precise, economical dosing options.
  • Color coded tablets eliminate confusion when dosing multiple dogs in the same household. The tablets are color coded to the labels/weight bands.


Skin Supplement for Extended Flea Protection. It is a combination of Nitinpyram and Lufenuron. Lufenuron is a growth inhibitor (IGR) that will stay in the blood stream about 30 days. Any new fleas that get on the dog after the first day and take a blood feed will not fully reproduce. Capshield Maxx is the only way to introduce a long-term IGR into the animal’s environment as sun breaks down IGR in yard sprays within a day.

American made.


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