About Lochte General Store. Store front Purina dealer sign.Here are some interesting details about Lochte and our history. Lochte Feed originated in 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression.  Two partners, Lochte & Himmer opened Lochte Storage & Commission, a local Farmers Market.  Located on main street, the store later moved to it’s current location on Longhorn Street, conveniently located near the Gillispie Livestock Company.

Over the years, the store has been remodeled several times. The most recent remodel was in 2005 when a small tornado and straight line winds damaged the store.  Despite the changes you can still find the original railroad parts in the store. Be sure to ask one of our team members to show you the beams.

Wrangler Retro Men’s Jeans & 20X Mens Jeans

wrangler jeans at lochte feed and general store

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Cowboy Cutlery Knives

Cutlery at Lochte Feed and General Store

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Roper Knives

Stainless steel Roper Knives at Lochte and General Store

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USMC Knives

tactical united states marine corps knives at lochte feed and general store

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Mosquito Dunks 6-pack

Mosquito Control Products at Feed & General Stores

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What we do

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