Science Diet Adult Large Breed

20141211_161756Visit Lochte Feed and check out our Adult Large Breed dog food. Hill’s® Science Diet® Adult Large Breed dog food provides precisely balanced nutrition tailored for a visible difference in large breed dogs.

Key Benefits :

  • Natural sources of glucosamine & chondroitin for joints & mobility
  • High quality protein maintain strong, healthy muscles
  • Nutrition to improve skin and coat in 30 days*
  • Real chicken #1 with natural ingredients and no chicken by-product meal
  • Healthy joints and Cartilage
  • Strong, Healthy Muscles
  • Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat


Hill’s Science Diet is a mission to show that Healthy choices matter, for both you and your pet. For more than 70 years, Hill’s has been advancing knowledge of how to keep pets their healthiest. That means great-tasting, nutritious food with natural ingredients that helps your dog live a long, happy life.

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