Varmint Traps

20141211_163708Come on down to Lochte Feed and General Store and take a look at our Foreverlast Varmint Cage. If you live out in the country varmints are not a heart warming sight to see running out in the fields. They can become a nuisance to basically anything you have out on your property, whether it’s breaking into your feeders, garbage cans, nesting in the barn roof, they can pretty much put you in a annoying situation whenever they cross your path. That’s why Lochte Feed has the perfect solution for you! Foreverlast Varmint Cages protects feeders, trashcans, etc. from damage from these little pests. With it’s solid steel frame, easily attachable hardware (included), and the hinge door makes this cage a worthy investment in protecting your feeder unit.

Have any questions about Foreverlast Varmint Cage? Shoot us an email or give us a call at 830-997-2256