Beat the Buzz with Wind & Rain Mineral with Altosid

“Flies can suck a lot out of your cows, which equals your profit. This mineral is an essential part of our [nutrition] program.” – CR Angus Farms

Tell horn flies to buzz off. For best results, feed Wind and Rain® Fly Control mineral 30 days before flies emerge (when average daily temperatures reach 65°F) through 30 days after the first frost to help prevent horn flies from overwintering.

It’s time to get ahead of the swam. Make sure you’re feeding Purina Wind & Rain Mineral with Altosid (MTH). Available at Lochte Feed & General Store in loose mineral or in a convenient molasses mineral tub.

Purina Wind & Rain Mineral with Altosid is the most economical and trouble-free way to control horn flies all season long. Cost about $7 per cow above non-fly control mineral cost for 240 days! 

Tired of having to gather cattle to apply sprays, tags, or pour-on’s that don’t seem to work because flies have become resistant to them? Give Purina Wind & Rain Mineral with Altosid a try. Altosid is an insect growth regulator that breaks the life cycle of the horn fly in the manure patty where they lay eggs. It’s the only fly control agent that horn flies can’t develop a resistance to!

Purina Wind & Rain Mineral Flyer



June 2023
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