Colic and Founder Issues in Horses

Colic and Founder Issues in HorsesBetween green grass and coronavirus, some horse owners may be considering turning their horses out from the stall or dry lot into a fresh green pasture. However, horses moving from an environment of hay and feed to a lush pasture could result in potential issues of colic and founder.

These fresh immature grasses are loaded with starch and sugar which can represent a drastic diet change relating to these issues. So be mindful and slowly transition to pasture grazing by only allowing an hour of grazing time for several days then increasing an hour every few days till transition is complete.

Consider feeding Purina Enrich Plus to horses that are maintained on pasture or hay alone. Enrich Plus is a balancer for horses that maintain good body condition on forage alone. This low fed rate 1-2 lb product does not supply extra calories like a traditional feed but is a balancer to forages. Quality Amino Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals to ensure horses receive what forages will typically be deficient in.

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Source: Jeff Prokop, Purina Animal Nutrition