Cydectin Cattle Wormer

Bayer Cydectin Cattle DewormerIt’s time to deworm your cattle with a great offer from Cydectin. Tackle internal parasites. Receive a free sorting pole and sign with each purchase of Cydectin! Plus take advantage of the Bonus Rebate offer going on through November 30, 2020.

Save $5 per Liter of Cydectin Pour-On and $12 per bottle of Cydectin Injectable.

Cydectin Pour-On Cattle Wormer is used to aid in the treatment of infections and infestations due to internal and external parasites in beef and dairy cattle.

Provides broad-spectrum control which has been shown to result in increased weight gain1 and reduced pasture contamination. Shown to provide persistency against specific key species, including:

  • Brown stomach worm for 28 days
  • Lungworm for 42 days
  • Nodular worm for 28 days
  • Barber pole worm for 14 days

Better health means better production. So why not choose better parasite control? Cydectin Pour-On Dewormer kills key parasites that threaten your beef cattle and has little to no impact on beneficial dung beetles. Make a healthier choice for your herd. Choose Cydectin.

Dung beetles can…
  • Increase forage availability by quickly burying livestock feces
  • Bury up to 90% of manure on pasture in one week
  • Reduce parasite larvae by 90% and horn fly larvae by 95%
  • Improve aeration, water retention and root penetration by tunneling
Contains moxidectin (5mg/ml), a new-generation milbemycin drug, which provides longer internal and external parasite control.
Dosage: 5 ml per 110 lbs body weight applied along the backline. No slaughter withdrawal, no milk discard period.
Not for use in veal calves.
Weatherproof formula allows treatment in any weather condition.

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