Exclusive Comfort Care™ Snacks Now Available

Exclusive® Comfort Care® Pork-Flavored Snacks Exclusive® Comfort Care® Chicken-Flavored Snacks Exclusive® Comfort Care® Peanut Butter-Flavored SnacksExclusive Comfort Care™ Snacks Now Available: Lochte welcomes the three new snack flavors to our shelves! Exclusive Comfort Care Snacks are heart-shaped, bite-sized biscuits formulated with the same Comfort Care formula as Exclusive Signature® and Infinia® pet food lines.

First is the pork-flavored puppy biscuits. Secondly peanut butter-flavored adult dog biscuits and, lastly, chicken-flavored adult dog biscuits. Each biscuit contains a proprietary blend of prebiotics and fiber sources. Their digestive system will appreciate the wholesome ingredients such as whole grains, probiotics, beet pulp fiber and chicory root. The new treat contains no artificial preservatives and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as a result.

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