Ant Bed Control with Extinguish Fire Ant Killer

Ant Bed ControlExtinguish Fire Ant Bait for Ant bed control is available at Lochte Feed and General Store in Fredericksburg, TX.

This Fire Ant Bait is an effective bait that targets the center of the colony, the queen. Extinguish stops the queen from being able to reproduce, while the existing ants die off, they aren’t being replaced by a new generation of worker ants. Eventually, the queen will starve to death and the whole colony will be Extinguished.

This Professional Fire Ant Bait can be used in many locations and helps solve the problems that make control difficult and inconvenient.

  • This product can be used where cattle and horses graze that will not cause withdrawal periods.
  • Extinguish stops the production of young colonies without them growing into problem colonies.
  • Controls and eliminates all mound movements.



November 2022
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