Fall Cattle Mineral Tips

fall cattle mineral tips | Lochte FeedCheck out these fall cattle mineral tips for quick and timely considerations for your mineral program.

  • Understand your phosphorous levels as grasses dry down. For grass in low phosphorus, consider a high-phosphorus mineral to meet cattle needs.
  • Continue using Purina Wind and Rain Storm Fly Control Mineral with Altosid(IGR) 30 days after the first frost to prevent flies from overwintering and jump-starting spring populations.
  • Building base mineral and vitamin stores pre-weaning can help calves stay healthy. Provide Purina Stress Tubs for calves in the creep feeder cage. If you don’t creep feed, make sure calves have access to mineral with the rest of the cow herd.
  • Cows may crave salt more as grasses dry down. It can be helpful to provide additional salt in a granular mineral mix. Provide free-choice salt if using a mineral tub that does not contain salt.

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