Fleas, Ticks & Scorpions…Oh No…

Fleas, Ticks & Scorpions. Adams flea and tick collar for dogs.You can count on Lochte Feed & General Store to have exactly what you need to combat fleas and ticks on your pets and scorpions in your yard.  We have a variety of products from several sources (Spectra, Adams, Martin, Cyonara).

We carry the complete line of shampoo, dip, and spray from Adams; shampoo and dip and of course, we also carry Frontline.  Did you know that Adams has been protecting your furry friends for over 65 year and that Frontline is the #1 choice of veterinarians when it comes to combating both fleas and ticks?

We carry Cyonara yard spray to keep those pesky scorpions among other bugs away too.

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