Happy Hen Treats Available at Lochte

Happy Hen Treats Available at Lochte: we offer Double Frenzy, Mealworm Frenzy, Grub Frenzy and Bug Bonanza! Treat your flock to something special this season.

Double Frenzy: 

Behold the black & white cookie of chicken treats! Half dried mealworms, half black soldier fly larvae, Double FrenzyTM is a 50/50 split – fully packed with calcium and protein. Double up on the good stuff.

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Mealworm Frenzy: 

Take a break from boredom with Mealworm Frenzy and watch your chickens dance and peck. Spoiling your flock is simple with these 100% all natural dried mealworms!

  • High in protein
  • No need to refrigerate
  • More protein than live mealworms
  • Perfect for training or taming chickens

Happy Hen Treats Available at LochteGrub Frenzy:

Grab some grub on the fly with Grub Frenzy — the high-calcium treat made from 100% natural black soldier fly larvae.  Let the frenzy commence!

  • 100% natural dried black soldier fly larvae
  • Grown in North America


Bug Bonanza:

Line up for a backyard insect buffet. Bug Bonanza is a smörgåsbord of black soldier fly larvae, mealworms, beetles, and shrimp. It’s the variety your feather besties are craving.

• 100% natural dried mealworm & bug mix

•  Perfect for training or taming chickens 

In conclusion, visit us today to check out Happy Hen Treats Available at Lochte!