New! Diamond CARE Specialized Pet Foods

Diamond Care Pet FoodLochte Feed and General Store now offers Diamond CARE Specialized Pet Foods, specialized pet formulas developed to address common conditions such as sensitive skin, sensitive stomach and weight management. Visit us today to find the right Diamond CARE formula to meet your pet’s specific health needs.

Diamond CARE Specialized Pet Foods: Designed with you and your pet in mind

The folks at Diamond Pet Foods set out to create Diamond CARE with one goal in mind: to make specialized diets available at a reasonable price. These five veterinarian-developed formulas are formulated for pets with unique health issues. But they also provide complete nutrition, so you can feed your pets the special diet they need for as long as they need it.

Diamond CARE Pet Foods are available in three formulas: Diamond CARE Sensitive Skin for Adult Dogs, Diamond CARE Sensitive Stomach for Adult Dogs and Diamond CARE Weight Management for Adult Dogs. An additional formula, Diamond CARE Rx Renal Formula for Adult Dogs, is available at veterinary clinics by prescription.

Sensitive Skin Formula for Adult Dogs

If your dog has skin sensitivities, Diamond CARE Sensitive Skin Formula for Adult Dogs may be the diet for you. For starters, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids were added in ideal ratios, as they have been shown to be beneficial to skin and coat health. Protein comes from a single, easily digestible source, while peas provide high-quality carbohydrates and aid palatability in this grain-free formula. Finally, this specialized diet is rounded out with a limited number of select ingredients. For best results, be sure to talk to your veterinarian and limit other foods, such as treats, that could also contribute to adverse skin reactions in your pet.

Available sizes: 8lb, 25lb

Sensitive Stomach for Adult Dogs

Though it may seem like it at times, not all dogs have cast-iron stomachs. This formula is built to help address your pet’s sensitive stomach. Some dogs fare better on a grain-free diet, so potatoes are included to provide important carbohydrates. High-quality, easily digestible egg protein provides the essential amino acids your dog needs. And to further help support digestion, probiotic strains that are native to the canine GI tract are added in guaranteed levels. Diamond CARE Sensitive Stomach Formula for Adult Dogs is safe for prolonged use, so if you find it helps your dog, you can keep him on it. But like anything concerning your pet’s health, check with your veterinarian first.

Available bag sizes: 8lb, 25lb

Weight Management for Adult Dogs

A few extra pounds on your dog may not seem like a cause for concern. But too much weight can be bad for his health. The good news is Diamond CARE Weight Management Formula for Adult Dogs can help address your dog’s weight issue without leaving him feeling hungry. Powdered cellulose, a source of insoluble fiber, helps your dog feel full, while L-Carnitine aids the body in metabolizing fat. Added glucosamine and chondroitin help support joints that may be working a little harder these days. And to make sure your dog gets all the nutrients he still needs, this formula is rounded out with omega fatty acids, guaranteed antioxidants and canine-specific probiotics for digestive health. This is a complete diet, so you can feed it long-term, but always check with your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s diet.

Available sizes: 8lb, 25lb

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