Show Pig Tips

show pigPoor feed intake is the primary cause for low growth rate in a show pig. Genetic programming of the pig, immune status of the pig, environmental conditions, water intake, injuries or operations, weather conditions, and the energy density of the pig’s diet can all negatively impact feed intake.
Palatability enhancers such as Purina High Octane  Heavy Weight  supplement can help pigs eat more feed. Water added to feed also helps improve appetite and feed intake. Purina High Octane supplements are useful in concentrating nutrients to meet the pig’s daily requirements during low feed intake periods. For pigs weighing more than 150 lbs., Purina High Octane Paylean Premix .can greatly optimize growth. And deworming every 30 days will help address internal parasites from diverting valuable nutrients needed for pig growth. Also try Honor Show Pig Feed for results.
One of the best things you can do is have two pigs instead of just one.  Pigs have a natural competition, especially at the feeder. Having two pigs encourages better feed intakes and subsequent growth. Providing fresh feed and fresh water is also imperative.

Follow this chart when feeding Purina Honor Show Chow.

Show pig tips