Mazuri Mini Pig Youth Diet

Mazuri Mini Pig YouthStart with a healthy feed from infancy. Mazuri® Mini Pig Youth Diet pellets are nutritionally balanced with high-quality milk protein, making them the perfect transition for weaning mini pigs. Our feed is a complete and delicious meal that requires no supplements and leaves pigs feeling full without gaining weight.


Guaranteed Analysis

Lysine not less than 20.0%
Crude fat not less than 1.3%
Crude fiber not less than 4.0%
Crude fiber not more than 1.0 %
Moisture not more than 4.%
Ash not more than 12.0%
Calcium not less than 8.0%
Calcium not more than 0.80%
Phosphorus not less than 1.3 %
Salt not less than 0.90%
Salt not more than 0.60%
Selenium not less than 1.10%
Zinc not less than 0.30 ppm
Vitamin E not less than 220 ppm
Niacin not less than 50 IU/lb
Biotin not less than 40 mg/lb
Omega 3-Fatty acids not less than 0.80 mg/lb
Total Microorganisms not less than 270,000 CFU/g


  • Offer free-choice from 7 days post weaning until 3 weeks of age or older. After 3 weeks, feed 1.5–3% of body weight per day depending on activity level, other foods offered, environmental temperature, and social structure. The feeding amounts are guidelines and should be adjusted based on the pig’s body condition.
  • Grass, hay or produce may be fed after 8 weeks, but is not necessary in the diet and should not consist of more than 25% of the diet.
  • Transition to Mazuri® Active Adult at 4 months of age or older as desired to regulate growth rate.
  • Gestation and lactation: Transition to 50% Mazuri® Mini Pig Active Adult and 50% Mazuri®Mini Pig Youth. For higher energy requirements, as in the case of large litter size or multiple breedings, increase Youth to 60% of daily intake.

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