Purina Accuration Grower Finisher

Purina Accuration Grower Finisher 50-lbPurina Accuration Grower is pelleted supplement for mixing coarse cracked corn or shelled corn and by-product ingredients for grower feedlot cattle this is formulated to provide intake modifying properties to the complete ration.



Contains protein, vitamins and minerals

Balances nutrient deficiencies in corn and by-product based rations to support growing cattle.

Formulated using proprietary Intake Modifying Technology®

Regulates number and size of meals which improves feed efficiency and reduces digestive and metabolic problems in starting cattle.

Multiple applications

Can be used to develop growing calves.

Additives available

Additive options to provide additional benefit including prevention and control of coccidiosis, reduction of incidence of liver abscesses, improved feed efficiency, weight gain, and fly control.


Please consult bag for complete feeding instructions.

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